ISA Server 2004 Training Kit issues, 1st post

The book MCSA/MCSE Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-350): Implementing Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004, published by Microsoft Press, copyright 2005 by Microsoft Corporation, ISBN 0-7356-2169-1, is an excellent book that I have read 4 times (!) from start to finish and have consulted numerous other times.

Having said that, I have found some typos and errors that I will list in this and some following posts.

In this post I list issues that I found in Part I of the book. Most errors are simple and insignificant typos. A few of the errors, though, are rather significant and can mislead readers.

PAGE: On the inside of the cover
ERROR: 425 challenging practice questions

PAGE: xxxiv 
ERROR: 180-day evaluation edition of ISA Server 2003, Enterprise Edition, is included
CORRECTION: Standard Edition

PAGE: xxxvi
ERROR: an additional 125 questions

PAGE: 2-21

PAGE: 2-21

PAGE: 3-17
ERROR: called the Local Network in the ISA Management interface
CORRECTION: the Local Host Network
NOTE: Although this may seem like an insignificant typo, in my opinion, it can mislead readers.

PAGE: 4-5
ERROR: (NAT) or that requires

PAGE: 4-21
ERROR: the Auto Discovery tab in the Internet Network Properties

PAGE: 4-26
ERROR: virtual machine
CORRECTION: We do not use virtual machines in the labs. We use real servers.

PAGE: 4-29

PAGE: 5-35
ERROR: Type the content type set name
CORRECTION: schedule name

PAGE: 5-35 
ERROR: in the Content Types box
CORRECTION: Schedules box

PAGE: 5-57
ERROR: On the Completing The New User Sets Wizard page
CORRECTION: Access Rule Wizard

PAGE: 5-70
ISSUE: There is a better answer to Scenario 1:
Rule e can go in the place of rule b and rule b can be deleted.

PAGE: 7-43
ERROR: Configuring Intrusion Detection and IP Preferences
CORRECTION: The practice is only about intrusion detection.

PAGE: 8-6
ERROR: Server publishing rules to provide
CORRECTION: Delete “to”.

PAGE: 8-6
ERROR: By default, when you publish a server using server publishing rule
CORRECTION: using “a” server publishing rule

PAGE: 8-25
ERROR: you can use a hosts file on the DNS server
CORRECTION: on the ISA server

PAGE: 8-46
ERROR: Before you can use SSL, you must install a server certificate on ISA server.
CORRECTION: This is true only for SSL bridging, not for SSL tunneling.

PAGE: 8-55
ERROR: is automatically applied to the filter
CORRECTION: to the rule

PAGE: 8-60
ERROR: virtual machine
CORRECTION: We do not use virtual machines in the labs. We use real servers.

PAGE: 9-8
ISSUE: The destination e-mail domain and the destination e-mail address are not valid parameters for SMTP Message Screener.

PAGE: 9-46
ERROR: click Publish a Web Server
CORRECTION: a Secure Web Server

PAGE: 9-51
ERROR: used by the OWA publishing rule
CORRECTION: used by the Coho Vineyard Secure Site publishing rule

PAGE: 9-53
ERROR: type HTTPS Listener
CORRECTION: We should use another name. This name is already taken.

PAGE: 9-59
ERROR: only one port needs to be opened on the firewall
CORRECTION: Port 135 needs to be opened, but then, other ports are opened dynamically during the session.

PAGE: 9-59
ERROR: Create an SMTP publishing rule to publish the Exchange Server to the Internet.
CORRECTION: The computer with the Message Screener should be published, not the Exchange Server.

PAGE: 9-59
ERROR: Install an SSL certificate on the OWA server.
CORRECTION: Instead of “OWA server”, it is better to say “front-end Exchange server” or “RPC Proxy server”.

PAGE: 10-8
ERROR: Data encryption, data confidentiality
CORRECTION: I think that data encryption and data confidentiality are the same thing.

PAGE: 10-39
ERROR: as when you created the rule
CORRECTION: as when you created the remote site network

PAGE: 10-55
ERROR: except the /0 character sequence
CORRECTION: except the character sequence

PAGE: 10-63
ERROR: Rqscript.vbs
CORRECTION: Rqscript.cmd

PAGE: 10-64
ISSUE: We are instructed to disable the Coho Vineyard VPN Server publishing rule.
This is correct, but we should have been told to disable it back in exercise 1 on page 10-29.

PAGE: 10-71
ERROR: ISA Server 2004 supports two VPN tunneling protocols: PPTP
CORRECTION: we must also mention L2TP

PAGE: 11-22
ERROR: In the System Policy Editor, in the Remote Monitoring configuration group, select SMTP
CORRECTION: SMTP comprises a configuration group on its own.

PAGE: 11-44
ERROR: do not select the option to discard logging data when the logs reach the maximum size
CORRECTION: There is no such option and there is no alternative. When logs reach maximum size, you either tell ISA Server to delete older log files or discard new log entries.

PAGE: 11-61
ERROR: The report information is extracted from the ISA Server logs.
CORRECTION: from the ISA Server log summary databases.

PAGE: 12-9

PAGE: 12-24
ERROR: to communicate with the Configuration Storage server using the MS Firewall Control protocol
CORRECTION: the MS Firewall Storage protocol

PAGE: 12-24
ERROR: and with the ISA Server computers using the RPC protocol
CORRECTION: using the RPC protocol and the MS Firewall Control protocol

PAGE: 12-34
ERROR: Configure the perimeter network on the internal array
CORRECTION: It is better to say “back-end array”.

PAGE: 12-53
ERROR: or under Enterprise Policy rules Applied Before

PAGE: 12-59
ERROR: Main/Back- End Array

PAGE: 12-73
ERROR: be able to a access company
CORRECTION: be able to access a company

PAGE: 12-74
ERROR: member of a workgroup
CORRECTION: This expression is not often used.

PAGE: 12-78
ERROR: so users can authentication
CORRECTION: so users can use authentication

PAGE: 12-81
ERROR: d. Configure an access rules

PAGE: 12-81
ERROR: from the to the Configuration
CORRECTION: Delete “to the”.

PAGE: 12-81
ERROR: 2. How will you configure the back-end array
CORRECTION: front-end

PAGE: 12-82
ERROR: to certificate-based
CORRECTION: to use certificate-based

PAGE: Last page of the book named “System Requirements”
ERROR: Enterprise Edition, is included
CORRECTION: Standard Edition

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