ISA Server 2004 Training Kit issues, 4th post

In this last post, I list issues and errors that I found in the 300 questions from MeasureUp, that are included in the companion CD.

When we take the exam in custom mode and we choose to include all 300 questions and we select to not randomize questions, then all questions come in a particular order. This is the order I am going to use to refer to specific questions below.

First of all, I would like to report a minor and unimportant issue. The questions are indeed 300. They are number consequentially and they also have a consequential code number. But there is a small “hick-up” in the code number: When from question 48 (msbMSP_ImpISA2004-048) we go to question 49 (msbMSP_ImpISA2004-050) there seems to be a missing code number (msbMSP_ImpISA2004-049). It does not matter, though. There are exactly 300 questions in the exam.

So, here are the issues that I found:

QUESTION 2 (msbMSP_ImpISA2004-002)
There are other arrangements in the order of the rules that are also correct. The answer given is not the only correct answer.

QUESTION 23 (msbMSP_ImpISA2004-023)
Error in the explanation: The notification is sent to IAS Server. Correction: The notification is sent to ISA Server

QUESTION 45 (msbMSP_ImpISA2004-045)
The computer names should be either ISA-HQ and ISA-Denver, or VPN-HQ and VPN-Denver.

QUESTION 62 (msbMSP_ImpISA2004-063)
The answer is correct, but the list box in the Web Browser tab does not create a LDT. It corresponds to servers or domains that the web browser will access directly.

QUESTION 97 (msbMSP_ImpISA2004-098)
The answer is correct, but the explanation says that active caching is enabled in ISA Server 2004, which is not correct.

QUESTION 104 (msbMSP_ImpISA2004-105)
There is an error in the answer. We have the subnet which corresponds to addresses from to and valid addresses from to corresponds to the subnet’s broadcast address and should not be used.

QUESTION 115 (msbMSP_ImpISA2004-116)
The option “Enable Web Proxy clients” is enabled by default.

QUESTION 118 (msbMSP_ImpISA2004-119)
There is no error whatsoever, but the consultant is both a male and a female!

QUESTION 128 (dhMSP_ImpISA2004-008)
Error: Create an access rule for inbound SMTP traffic. Correction: outbound

QUESTION 133 (dhMSP_ImpISA2004-013)
The answer is correct, but the explanation incorrectly states that the internal interface should be configured with the IP address of a DNS server that can resolve Internet names. This is true for the external interface.

QUESTION 141 (dhMSP_ImpISA2004-021)
The answer has an incorrect entry. In the tree, under SecureNAT client, there is the entry “Supports user-level authentication” which is incorrect. This error shows up in the answer’s tree. This is error does not appear when we print the question, because when we print questions, graphical elements are not printed.

QUESTION 144  (dhMSP_ImpISA2004-024)
We do not know if the computers are Windows 2000 or later. If this is the case, then, yes, we can use group policy. But there could be Windows NT Workstation computers joined to the domain for all we know.

QUESTION 163 (dhMSP_ImpISA2004-043)
Error: Publish the MS_FWC.ini. Correction: MS_FWC.msi

QUESTION 204 (dhMSP_ImpISA2004-084)
The answer is correct, but the group type in the dialog box exhibit should not be “Web(Internet)”.

QUESTION 205 (dhMSP_ImpISA2004-085)
Active caching is not enabled in ISA Server 2004.

QUESTION 273 (dhMSP_ImpISA2004-153)
The answer is correct, but it is not the only answer. Specifically, Rule 3 could go first.

QUESTION 278 (dhMSP_ImpISA2004-158)
We have a wrong answer in the exhibit on screen: “NAT relationship to Denver” should be “Route relationship to Denver”. The printout does not include the exhibit, so the printed page appears correct.


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