Hosted services with a vengeance

Hosted services are an old concept and I thought they were going to be big ten years ago. They didn’t, which left me puzzled.

Now hosted services are coming back with a vengeance and a new name: “cloud computing”. They are not trying to fool us. They are trying to introduce us to yet another way of doing things.

There are pieces of our infrastructures that are better left to our implementation. There are other pieces that could benefit from cloud hosting. We do not have to know and care about every little detail of every hotfix and service pack interaction for every piece of software. For some services, all we need is a stable environment around which to design our solutions. We just have to be able to design solutions that cloud providers assure us will work infrastructure-wise from the get-go.

Security is a thorny subject when it comes to cloud hosting. We will have to trust another entity with some or all of our company’s assets and secrets. In many cases this will be unacceptable. But for those cases where this becomes acceptable, cloud hosting is a viable and attractive solution.

Just think of all the built-in perks included in cloud services. Perks like backups, high availability, service pack and hotfix updates, version upgrades. No more server hardware provisioning worries for services that are cloud-based. No more data center space availability worries, too.

Here is how it goes:
We physically implement some,
we virtually implement some,
we outsource some,
we cloud-host some.
We have more choices.
We evolve.
Our companies and IT methods evolve as well.


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