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Moving forward with Exchange, Part 2

On September 2006, I wrote a blog post titled “Moving forward with Exchange”. In that post, I was trying to place Exchange’s technological advances and requirements in the general Microsoft landscape and scheme of things. I would like to add … Continue reading

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Hyper-V virtual networks and VLANs

There are three types of virtual networks that we can create in a Hyper-V host: private, internal and external. Each virtual network is implemented by a virtual switch. There is an one-to–one correspondence between virtual networks and virtual switches and … Continue reading

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Redefining the whole networking paradigm

On December 17, 2008, I wrote a post titled “Hosted services with a vengeance“. In that post, I argued that hosted services are not trying to fool us by changing their name to Cloud Services, but they provide new options … Continue reading

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