The consultant

In the days the NT 4.0 operating system ruled the world, I was employed as a systems engineer by a company that was not in IT.

My company was also hiring an external consultant that had his own IT company.

The consultant had already implemented an application server for my company before I started working there.

When I first met with this consultant, he was bragging about a web site they had built at his company for another client.

I asked “Did you use ASP?” And he answered “No. SSL.” with a definite voice.

Ok, right there and then I knew he was not to be trusted with IT matters. (SSL is to be trusted though, as long as you do not mistake it for a web site development language!)

A few weeks later, my boss assigned a task to me. He asked me to phone the consultant and to ask him what he was planning to do for the application server’s fragmentation. My boss was right to ask that. We copied and deleted large and small files constantly in this application server and it did appear to be heavily fragmented.

When I called the consultant, he told me that the NTFS file system is designed in such a way that it never gets fragmented.

I should have expected such a totally incorrect answer like this from him.

The next time I saw the consultant, he came to me knowing that I was planning to backup the contents of a very important CD. He told me that he had tried it before my employment and this could not be done, because the particular company that made the CD was protecting it by drilling a physical hole in it. He specifically emphasized the “physical hole” part.

That was exactly what he told me and I honestly was happy to hear that, because by then, I expected everything he said to be wrong. Immediately after he left, I tried to backup the contents of the CD, and the backup worked just fine. And since then, I never had any problem backing up the contents from any CD from that particular company.

All and all I saw this consultant about 4 or 5 times during my employment at that company.

Years passed, I left that company, moved on to other projects but the consultant’s company went stronger and stronger and is now one of the big, well known and respected names in my country.

God forbid I ever work for someone like him.

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