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Chinese Checkers (Peg Solitaire) Walkthrough

Chinese Checkers, also known as Peg Solitaire, is a great board game and puzzle and here I provide one solution to this puzzle. You can download the images in a folder and use the built-in Windows image viewer to view … Continue reading

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Google’s tribute to Alan Turing

I am confused. Is this a tribute to Alan Turing or Rube Goldberg?

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SkyDrive or SkyDive?

Now I am confused. Is it SkyDrive or SkyDive?

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Citrix’s sensible decision to move away from OpenStack and use CloudStack

Citrix is in need of an open source cloud operating system for its upcoming cloud computing offering. In other words, Citrix plans to offer cloud computing services and it needs open source software that will implement, deliver and manage these … Continue reading

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Nothing compares to the people at Penton Media, Inc.

I knew it! I knew I should have pulled off a “Milli Vanilli”! How can anyone compare to the exquisite voice of Michele Crockett? Michele Crockett is VP of Content Services, Penton Marketing Services and you have to hear her sing. … Continue reading

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The purpose of the collision attack used in the Flame malware

Title: The purpose of the collision attack used in the Flame malware Alternative title: Why did the Flame malware use a hash collision? When news about the Flame malware broke out, a lot of information became available, including that Flame … Continue reading

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My case against honestly passionate presentations

Title: My case against honestly passionate presentations Alternative title: Something got me started against honestly passionate presentations An honestly passionate presentation may mislead the audience. Let me explain. Suppose we have to present a new version of the Windows Server … Continue reading

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