Photographers need an agile methodology, too

Living here in Athens, Greece, I am as far from civilization as a person can be. I was born and raised here and have lived here almost all my life. (Yes, every person has a sad story to tell and this was mine.) Since this blog post is about photographers and I have not been in any photographer’s shop except some in Athens, my experiences draw only from this city. If photographers elsewhere conduct their profession in a different manner, please disregard this blog post.

So, you go to a photographer’s establishment (shop) here to have your picture taken and what the photographer does is she offers you a seat in her studio-room, adjusts the lighting, takes a few shots giving you directions as to how you should pose and then that’s it. She takes you to a computer, uploads the photos and lets you choose which ones you want. Thankfully, you only pay for the ones you want. You can then leave and she will enhance them with Adobe Photoshop and you can come at a later time to take them, either in digital form or printed.

Nice, huh? Ummm… no! I do not like this procedure. The thing is, all photographers now use cameras that display the pictures taken. So the photographer should instead show the customer each picture (from the camera) right after it is taken, so that the customer can actively be part of the procedure and better understand how to pose. Also, this way, the customer could form an opinion about which angle of the shoot is better and guide the photographer as to what the customer thinks is desirable.

If all pictures are shown after the fact, after the photo shoot is over, then it is too late. The customer is presented with a finished result that cannot be altered. This is not agile. The customer should be made part of the procedure and should be encouraged to provide feedback during the photo shoot and not just after.

Photographers could benefit from an agile methodology. Actually, the customer could benefit, whereas the photographer might be inconvenienced by accepting the customer’s feedback during the photo shoot. But this will lead to happy customers. And happy customers are returning customers.


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