Nothing compares to the people at Penton Media, Inc.

I knew it! I knew I should have pulled off a “Milli Vanilli”! How can anyone compare to the exquisite voice of Michele Crockett?

Michele Crockett is VP of Content Services, Penton Marketing Services and you have to hear her sing. She is incredibly talented. Her performance will astonish you.

I have to hand it to the people at Penton Media, Inc. They rock. Literally! You see, Windows IT Pro magazine changed format and went all-digital. I paraphrased and singed a song (“Just the way you are”) by Barry White that I thought fitted the occasion and they responded by paraphrasing and singing a song (“Baby come back”) by the band Player.

To hear me sing my paraphrased version of “Just the way you are”, visit the following link. But I have to warn you: I am a horrible singer. You will not enjoy this. Someone should throw a can of beer at me, please. A full can of beer.

To hear Michele Crockett sing “Dimitri come back”, visit the following link. You really have to hear this! Do not miss it!

Not only is Michele Crockett’s performance absolutely fantastic, the lyrics (by Lavon Peters, managing editor) and the music (by Bob Montgomery) are astonishing, too. I cannot compete against those guys and gals. And why would I want to, anyway? I admire all of them. I am their biggest fan. I have been subscribing to Windows IT Pro magazine for years and each and every issue has always been nothing but exceptional. The people at Penton do an excellent job and I want to thank them for that.


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