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The discovery of the Higgs boson: One step forward and immediately we are stuck again

So, the Higgs boson has been found. At 126 GeV, it appears to have a healthy appetite. This is a triumphant moment for the Standard Model. The Higgs boson discovery completed the model’s predictions and this is indeed a great … Continue reading

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jQuery 2.0 will not support IE6, IE7 and IE8

When jQuery 2.0 ships, it will not support IE6, IE7 and IE8. For those that need this support, they may include version 1.9 using IE conditional comments as follows: By dropping support for IE6/7/8, jQuery will become leaner and more … Continue reading

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Chinese Checkers (Peg Solitaire) Second Walkthrough

A week ago, I published a blog post titled “Chinese Checkers (Peg Solitaire) Walkthrough“. To be honest, I was not sure if I should publish it. I mean, it was just a solution. I did not present any group theory treatment … Continue reading

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