Chinese Checkers (Peg Solitaire) Second Walkthrough

A week ago, I published a blog post titled “Chinese Checkers (Peg Solitaire) Walkthrough“. To be honest, I was not sure if I should publish it. I mean, it was just a solution. I did not present any group theory treatment about the solution, nor did I provide a program that solved the puzzle. 

I thought that people would find the post uninteresting. Now, had I included advanced mathematics or programming to complement it, the post would have been more valuable. But, I thought, I should go ahead and publish it as it was. You see, I wanted to help a friend that I saw struggling with the puzzle and I thought that if I presented a solution to the puzzle, this might not only help my friend, but perhaps, someone else also struggling with it.

Oddly enough, I received positive feedback about my post. People liked it. Some liked it very much. Strange, huh? I expected people to say: “Show me some group theory analysis! Show me a program that solves the puzzle! Show me a program that, given this puzzle, invents group theory and then uses it in order to solve the puzzle! Or, better yet, do that and also show me the money!”

But people liked my post as it was. So, never to be considered a killjoy, I decided to provide a second solution to the puzzle. The solution is the same, up to the twelfth move, and then I continue to solve from the right side. Please examine the solution. I think you will like it. Oh, and I almost forgot: Enjoy!

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