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Should companies upgrade to Exchange Server 2013?

Should companies upgrade to Exchange Server 2013? Definitely yes. Let me explain. The next version of Exchange Server, Exchange 15, or, formally, Exchange 2013 (like some villains, it goes by several names 🙂 ) has been widely described as an … Continue reading

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Is Microsoft trying to win over the pilers, too?

Below is a screenshot of Hotmail’s sign in page. Judging from the background, she looks like a piler 🙂 Just for the record, I am a diehard filer myself.

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Now with the Gauss malware, the cat is out of the bag

The Gauss malware contains an encrypted payload. This payload is only activated during specific circumstances and those circumstances are not yet known and it is possible that they may not be found in the near future. Come to think of … Continue reading

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Hotmail’s dirty little secret

It has been a few days since I noticed what I am about to describe and since no one (as far as I know) has brought this issue forth, I guess it is up to me to address the elephant … Continue reading

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