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The when and why of VDI

Everyone and their spouse seem to be caught up in the hype surrounding VDI. And they all want to implement it. It is perfectly fine to be interested in the latest fad and try to learn and be part of … Continue reading

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Observations on “Secrets of PowerShell Remoting”

Secrets of PowerShell Remoting is an exceptional ebook that covers PowerShell remoting. I specifically read “v3 Secrets of PowerShell Remoting.pdf” and I would like to discuss two observations I made. First observation On page 19, the first bullet point “Connect … Continue reading

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Programmers are writers

Programmers are writers. This is because programmers write programs and programs are, in essence, stories that are meant to be understood by computers. There has always been a question, or rather, a debate: is programming a science or an art? … Continue reading

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JavaScript on my shoulder

At first, I did not want to write this blog post, out of respect to Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript and to Dmitry Soshnikov, an outstanding ECMAScript theorist who has provided great insight and superb material about JavaScript. You … Continue reading

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In defense of Donald Knuth’s literate programming

I believe that Donald Knuth’s literate programming paradigm is the ultimate paradigm and the ultimate solution as to what programming should be. We should have and use a programming language with which we describe, in a specific, detailed and human-like … Continue reading

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