Programmers are writers

Programmers are writers. This is because programmers write programs and programs are, in essence, stories that are meant to be understood by computers.

There has always been a question, or rather, a debate: is programming a science or an art? Most people think it is both. It is both. Programming is the science of encoding human thought into zeros and ones. Programming is to teach to computers. Programming is the art of telling stories to computers.

Programmers are scientists. Programmers are teachers. Programmers are writers. Programmers are storytellers. Programmers are artists.

I do not like to write programs. I do not like to tell stories that are meant to be understood by computers. I like to tell stories that are meant to be understood by humans. Perhaps I will like programming more when computer languages become more advanced.

This is why I am so fascinated by logic and by languages like Haskell. I like programming paradigms that advance our thinking about how computer languages should be. I like computer languages that help us explore the foundations of logic and help us understand what it is we really want to do with computers, or rather, what it is we really want computers to do.


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