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Like the early versions of Windows, Windows 8 may have to prove its worth

Let me tell you a true story. In the old days, at the time when Windows was starting to become mainstream, I visited a company in order to install and let them evaluate one of the Windows applications that the … Continue reading

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How to lock a text file for reading and writing using C#

If you have multiple threads or processes accessing the same text file, each thread or process will need: a) to lock the text file so no other thread or process can access it, b) read and write from it and … Continue reading

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The sad state of WordPress’ technical staff and support

Please check out this link: How can I fix the distorted images on my blog? And please read the response that the staff gave. I rest my case… or not. I would like to reserve the right to characterize this … Continue reading

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Measuring the cloud

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My painting named “Love”

Title of painting: Love Explanation: If you are going to boil an egg, they tell you to let the egg come to normal room temperature before you boil it. So, you take an egg out of the refrigerator, you let … Continue reading

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My painting named “Inconspicuous Wisdom”

Title of painting: Inconspicuous Wisdom Explanation: The purple color symbolizes wisdom. The green and red colors symbolize the opposite: the blabbermouths and the know-it-alls. Look at the green and red colors. Look how beautiful and appealing they are. They are … Continue reading

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My painting named “Eternal Time”

Title of painting: Eternal Time Explanation: Look at the painting. Is this a clock? It is a clock and it isn’t a clock. It looks cyclical and eternal, but there are no number or hands. You cannot tell the time … Continue reading

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My painting named “Ancient Ascendancy”

Title of painting: Ancient Ascendancy Explanation: This is a pyramid, seen from the top. Imagine that you are floating exactly above the pyramid and you are looking down. From the base of the pyramid and along its four edges, you … Continue reading

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