My painting named “Inconspicuous Wisdom”

Inconspicuous Wisdom

Title of painting: Inconspicuous Wisdom

Explanation: The purple color symbolizes wisdom. The green and red colors symbolize the opposite: the blabbermouths and the know-it-alls. Look at the green and red colors. Look how beautiful and appealing they are. They are made so as to draw you to them. Big empty words have this appeal. Know-it-alls can easily impress you and blabbermouths can easily make you lose site of the truth, of what is really important. True wisdom eludes them. They have no knowledge of it. And they can dazzle you with mundane things. On the other hand, true wisdom is inconspicuous. This is because it has nothing to do with spectacular appearances and pompous words.

The blabbermouths exist in the foreground and in the background and they are very “loud”, leaving little space for true wisdom. But wisdom exists irrespectively. And it retains its perfect square shape, even though the blabbermouths may partially abstract it and hide from you.

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