My painting named “Love”


Title of painting: Love

Explanation: If you are going to boil an egg, they tell you to let the egg come to normal room temperature before you boil it. So, you take an egg out of the refrigerator, you let it warm up to room temperature and then you boil it.

Yes, I am explaining my painting named “Love”. Bear with me, please.

If you don’t let the egg warm up, that is if you try to boil it while it is cold, they say that the egg will not boil adequately. The egg starts boiling from the outside in and in the case where it is cold, the coldness will remain inside it and gather at the yolk. Thus the yolk will not boil adequately and will remain in a liquid state.

Regardless of whether the Physics of egg-boiling depicted above is accurate or not, my painting “draws” from this. Love is something that remains, that persists. There are no if’s in love. So, if I love someone and this person does bad things to me, I will not stop loving her. I will certainly be sad but my love will not vanish. It will retract inside, something that is depicted by the pink color.

Look at the pink square. See how “warm” its color is? Whatever resentment is in the green exterior cannot find its way in the pink interior. The more bad treatment someone receives, the more the pink color will retract, but there will always be a nucleus of pink, a nucleus of love, just like by boiling a cold egg, the cold will retract to the yolk and the yolk will stay liquid. True love will not be lost by bad treatment, just as a cold egg’s yolk will not be solidified by boiling. Both will retract towards the nucleus, but they will not be lost.

And in the end, true love will produce laser beams of itself, depicted by the yellow lines, that can penetrate everything, even the green exterior that was created by resentment.

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