The sad state of WordPress’ technical staff and support

Please check out this link: How can I fix the distorted images on my blog?

And please read the response that the staff gave. I rest my case… or not. I would like to reserve the right to characterize this response in a future blog post, if it becomes necessary.

People that use Microsoft Paint to create .png files may find them distorted, cropped and with interleaved bars. The problem appears intermittingly.

I think that this problem did not exhibit itself before the second half of 2012.

The blogs that are affected (like my blog) get absolutely no support. Instead they are told to recreate all their .png files using another method.

It would be great if the WordPress’ staff could find out why this problem exists and tell us. Fixing the problem is a distant second. But they should be able to understand the cause of the problem.

I do not want to point fingers, especially when I have absolutely no data and no evidence, but we should note that WordPress uses a third party library for rendering images. Now the problem may lie there, but this is no excuse for WordPress’ inability to address it.

If the people at WordPress had any decency whatsoever, they would warn their users that WordPress supports such and such image files, but it does not support .png image files from Microsoft Paint. Yet they remain silent, which makes this a big trap for a user that produces and uploads a lot of .png images with Microsoft Paint, only to find out later that this problem exists. Please keep in mind that the problem is erratic, not consistent and not always exhibited. And it usually does not exhibit itself at the time when you upload the images; the problem is revealed afterwards.

The fact that saddens me most is that the newsletters I get from WordPress denote how badly WordPress wants to be a site for images and photographs (alongside text) and how it denotes the merits of its support for its users. So, there is a big gap between what WordPress says and what it does.

Sorry, WordPress, I cannot recommend you to anyone. Not now, not ever.

Update – September 5, 2013: They fixed it! Good job! Many thanks to whoever fixed this bug.

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