The sad state of YouTube’s moderation

What good is it if you have obtained knowledge and you are not using it to offer the world some good out of it? Well, I feel obligated to use my knowledge to help mankind progress, no matter how small a contribution to that I am able to make.

This is why I consider this blog post one of the most important I will write. In this blog post, I want to point out the most known and obvious thing! That not everything you read or hear or see online is true. But if you bear with me until the end of this blog post, I might just provide a little more insight into this.

I watch videos on YouTube, and sometimes I find incorrect things in them. But this is alright. I mean, people are bound to make mistakes. I make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. But these mistakes are honest. What I do not like is when I see videos on YouTube that have mistakes that are not honest.

Indeed, there are videos on YouTube that have mistakes that are deliberate.

This is unacceptable by my standards and should be unacceptable by anyone’s standards.

I am not talking about videos that present a point of view. There are bound to be videos that give information that I personally might not believe, but the maker of the video certainly believes. Those videos are acceptable as far as I am concerned, because they sincere. I might say they are incorrect, you might say that are correct, but since the author believes what they are presenting, they should be allowed to present their opinion. Freedom of speech and all that.

It is illogical to complain to YouTube for such videos. It is illogical, because first of all, such videos are sincere. And second , YouTube wants to remove the right of speech from no one.  So, if someone complains to YouTube about a video that he or she disagrees with, what should YouTube do about it? Well, the answer is that YouTube should do nothing and should leave the video be.  It is not YouTube’s job to dictate what is the right political course, the right candidate, the right religion, the right ethics etc. YouTube is just a platform that enables the uploading and accessing of videos. Whatever there is in these videos is the business of the person that made the video.

Of course, if the video violates copyright laws, YouTube should step up and handle this issue. But if the video presents ideas or procedures, YouTube has no business judging it.

But that is unfortunate. Why? Because there are videos on YouTube that are malevolent. There are videos on YouTube that deliberately present lies. I am OK with a video on YouTube, even if it contains mistakes, if these are honest mistakes to the honest opinion of whoever made the video. But there are also video that contain deliberate lies in order to hurt those who watch them.

I have noticed a few videos such as those. They deliberately present incorrect information in order to send the viewers into a wild goose chase without ever reaching the promised goal. I would understand this as a joke, if and only if at some point the viewer was allowed to learn the truth. But in these videos, the truth is never revealed to the user. The viewer remains unaware of the farce that has been played on his or her account.

It is these videos that I want YouTube to moderate and flag as inappropriate, but, unfortunately, YouTube will do nothing in these cases. Try to contact YouTube and complain, if you find any such videos. I have, but I have seen no result. Anyone can upload a video that presents whatever misinformation they want and laugh thinking about the unwitting people that will happen to view the video. The grade I give to YouTube’s moderation is zero. There you have it YouTube: I cannot recommend you to anyone. And now that ads in YouTube are presented constantly, I recommend that anyone should host his or her own videos, allowing a better viewing experience for their audience.

The sad state of YouTube complete lack of moderation is notable in the following YouTube video about the Rubik’s cube:  Solve The Rubik’s Cube With 2 Moves!. The presenter in the video deliberately lies and misleads his audience. He has prepared a Rubik’s cube in advance and then solves it by performing the initial moves in reverse sequence. That his method does not generally work can be seen by someone who knows more than the average audience, because the presenter turns the cube at the start and faces the lower right 2×2 part of the cube that is in correct position. For someone who does not know a lot about the cube, this detail will pass unnoticed. So, someone who is not an expert may believe that the cube can be solved this way.


In general, do not believe videos in YouTube that show how the 3X3 cube can be solved by repeating 4 moves, or less than 4 moves. The cube can be solved by a few different algorithms (but not only one). I hope that my knowledge will help protect the unwitting viewers/victims of these videos.

As for the liars that produce those videos, they should be ashamed of themselves. Their offense is worse than murder.

And what about YouTube? I have contacted YouTube and they ignored me. I, therefore, consider YouTube to be a facilitator to an offense worse than murder.

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