The paid murderers

So I read a blog made by a colleague and it is great. Informative, passionate, great blog all-around! Then I read the “About Me” page and I find out that the guy is a military person and he brags about it.

I fell compelled to answer. The following is a true story.

When I was a young lad, I was good at everything. I liked everything. I was interested in everything. I wanted to learn everything. EVERYTHING!!!

OK, I liked Physics more than anything else. And I was passionate about Physics way more than I was about anything else. Still, my curiosity and passion extended to all fields of human understanding.

Now, my problem was what to do with my life. I did not know. We are not born with a manual, you know! So I would constantly go to my parents and ask them: “What should I be? What should I do with my life?” And their answer was always the same: “You should do whatever you want. You decide.”

Now that wasn’t very helpful, was it?! Or so I thought at the time. Now I understand. Now I get it. My parents were right for not guiding me on what should have been my own choice. At the time though I was frustrated and I would keep coming back to them time after time and ask them the same question: “What should I be? What should I do with my life?” And the answer would remain the same: “You should do whatever you want. You decide.”

OK, that would mean that I would pursue studies in Physics, since I loved Physics so much. Then I learned about computers in the University (back then computers existed only in Universities) and the rest is history, a history that I have yet to tell you and when I do, I promise the story will worth the time you will spend reading it.

So, from time to time I would have this conversation with my parents and I would end up with an answer I could not use. There was no shortcut for this (not that I like shortcuts, mind you, I am always willing to go the extra mile), no easy answer. Darn it!

But at some point in time that I remember like it is today and it is happening right now, I asked my parents again: “Mom, dad, what should I do? What should I be?” My dad looked at me straight in the eyes and with a very emotional voice said to me:

“My son, you can be whatever you want to be and I have faith in you. It is just one thing I wish you wouldn’t turn out to be. I wish you don’t turn out to be one of those paid murderers.” And he stopped talking. And I never asked them that question again. From then on, I was just announcing my plans to them.

Knowing my father, I know what he meant by “paid murderers”. He meant: “military people”.

Dad, of course I would not choose to be a military person. How did you come up with that absurd scenario? Scheesh! Parents!


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