Is “the guilty dog” really guilty?

Denver behaves this way because she understands that she is blamed for something. Perhaps she even understands what she is accused of, although this last part is not certain. And I doubt that she has anything to do with what she is blamed for.

I have seen this behavior in other dogs, too. They will behave like this when you approach them in manner that denotes that you are blaming them for something. This is how they will respond. This is how they will behave.

The most wonderful thing about this situation is that I can prove what I am saying. Here is how.

Denver was put to star in a Doritos commercial. And she behaved this way in the commercial, as well.

I rest my case.

Here is the original video:

Denver Official Guilty Dog Video

and here is the Doritos commercial:

Denver in Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Commercial : Denver our Guilty Dog


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