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Creating state with IORef

In my previous blog post, I wrote about the State Monad and how it cannot be used to create a stateful counter. Fortunately, there are many ways and additions in Haskell (like special libraries, etc.) that can be used to … Continue reading

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The disappointing State Monad

So far in my blog posts, we have encountered Monads and have studied them, in order to understand how they behave and how they work. But we have not seen real examples of real Monads in the real professional programming … Continue reading

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A coding horror story

The year is 1997. And it is the beginning of summer. I knew a consultant that his age was far greater than mine.  This consultant was a foremost expert in a very important area of ERP systems. I do not … Continue reading

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NumberMania solver

Main points NumberMania solver is an application I just finished creating, which helps you solve the NumberMania puzzles that the puzzles site Brain Teasers provides. The site also makes these puzzles available at its own community in Google plus named … Continue reading

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