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Explaining how clever a computer is

When newcomers to computers ask me questions, I usually gather from their questions that they have a misconception concerning a computer’s intelligence. This is a typical conversation: Newbie: Blah, blah, blah… Me: OK. Let me ask you a question. From … Continue reading

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My idea for a toddler’s puzzle game involving tessellation

There are games they give to small children, that have them place shapes in equivalent holes, like in the image below: I will not give you the solution (which brown object goes to which hole), I will leave it as … Continue reading

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A security proposal to Microsoft, something like UAC, but for the network

Remember UAC (User Account Control)? It is a part of Windows since Vista, but when it was first introduced, it caused quite a bad stir. People did not like because it was way too annoying. It kept pestering users for … Continue reading

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