My idea for a toddler’s puzzle game involving tessellation

There are games they give to small children, that have them place shapes in equivalent holes, like in the image below:


I will not give you the solution (which brown object goes to which hole), I will leave it as an exercise.

OK, great game, I like it, I guess it is entertaining for the children and at the same time helps doctors determine the children’s abilities.

I have an idea for a game such as this, only a little bit harder and for older children, that involves tessellation.

The child can be given one or more shapes and the goal is to fill the area with no spaces in between (thus, perform tessellation).

We can instruct the child to do tessellation using regular triangles (equilateral), then regular rectangles (squares, man!) and then regular hexagons to do tessellation, since we know that these are the only regular shapes that can tessellate.

We can also instruct more advanced children to perform more advanced tessellations using more than one shape or an irregular shape, like the irregular pentagon that was just invented for tessellation purposes.

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