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Why most IT projects fail

A project might fail for lots of reasons. The same reasons apply to IT projects. But there are also extra reasons as to why an IT project might fail. To undertake an IT project, you need two things: infrastructure and experience. … Continue reading

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Classifying books according to the number of characters they portray

I recently viewed a great infographic: “15 books with more characters than you can keep track of” that was about books that portray a lot of characters (in relation to the number of pages each book has). This made me … Continue reading

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How I learn PowerShell and how I use it

Practice makes perfect. So, when I perform an action in Windows, I try to learn how to do the same action using PowerShell. This is helpful for two reasons. The first reason is that, by using PowerShell, I can automate … Continue reading

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Visualize numeric data from your Windows OS

When I published my blog post titled “Visualize the Services Graph of your Windows OS“, I wanted to create another blog post, supplementary to it. The purpose of the “Visualize the Services Graph of your Windows OS” blog post was to show … Continue reading

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Strange use of NULL in SQL Server and Oracle

I am not going to participate in the debate of whether NULL is good or the billion dollar mistake. At least not now. All scholars agree that introducing NULL was a mistake, but I tend to be very skeptical about … Continue reading

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