Why most IT projects fail

A project might fail for lots of reasons. The same reasons apply to IT projects. But there are also extra reasons as to why an IT project might fail.

To undertake an IT project, you need two things: infrastructure and experience.

Some IT project managers do not know and cannot begin to imagine the extent of the infrastructure (people and technology) they are going to need in order to do a particular IT project.

Thankfully, nowadays, cloud makes this part easier.

As I mentioned, there is also the component of experience. Some IT project managers and their teams do not have the necessary experience. The tragic thing is that, frequently, they do not realize this fact.

Indeed, they undertake a new project and chances are they have never done anything like this before. Because, if they had, they wouldn’t need to undertake it. They would already have it completed and waiting to be sold.

The problem with the lack of experience is that the IT team ends up doing research and development instead of being productive.

And the problem with research and development is that there is no way of knowing one of the most important attributes (project management wise) for each task: the time it needs to be done.

And with no knowledge of the time each task needs to be completed, project management tends to be a moot point, at least with the project management techniques humanity has devised so far.

The issue of the lack of knowledge concerning the time each task needs is also addressed in my book titled “An Original Look at Ordinary Life”.


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