Intelligence by any other name

We created muscle, with engines. And we created brains, with electronics. But the brains we created only offered guidance to the engines. They lacked the ability to understand. And they also lacked creativity.

Artificial intelligence? Wrong term! Superficial intelligence, that’s what I call it! Neural net? Neuronic net? Moronic net, as far as I am concerned!

Albeit the brilliance of the back propagation algorithm, neural nets just perform elaborate curve fitting. They do not learn. They adapt. They conform. Like old-school-teachers, we think learning and conforming are the same thing. They are not. Learning is believing. Adapting and conforming, well, that’s what machines do.

We say we create intelligence, but instead we create Turing machines. Turing was able to discover and denote what can be computed, not what can be created.

Let me tell you, Dorothea: You are a long way from creating any intelligence, artificial or otherwise.

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