Bare-metal backup software

In a previous post, I talked about “Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE” and how it does not support bare-metal backup.

Well, here are two programs that do support bare-metal backup:

Please try then and see which one is most helpful to you.

Being able to perform a bare-metal backup is important, because a bare-metal backup does not need to alter the system before, during, or after the backup process. This means that a bare-metal backup alleviates the need of having to install the backup software to the  system. Thus, a bare-metal backup is needed in cases where the system must not or cannot be altered, or must be or might be needed to be returned to its original/initial state before the backup.

In order to perform a bare-metal backup, you will have to boot the system from a CD/DVD drive or USB drive. Your particular bare-metal backup software will guide you on how to create a bootable CD, DVD, or USB stick, which also contains the backup/restore software.

By now, it must be obvious that if a program provides backup/restore functionality, but it needs to be installed to the system that will be backed up, then this program does not provide bare-metal backup.


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