About racism

People call me racist. That may or may not be beside the point of this blog post.

We, humans, are designed to be racist. I do not like this, though, and this is one of the reasons that made me reach the conclusion that the human kind should not exist anymore. I do not think racism, discrimination, differentiation are just or moral. I want all people to be equal. All people are different, but that should not stop them from being equal.

I find it absurd to judge someone based on their skin color, sexual orientation, beauty, health, age, and so on.

But, as I previously wrote, we are designed to be racist. That is how we evolve. Again, I do not like it. But our designer is to blame, not us. What a bad, unjust, racist creation did she make: us. Yes, we should vanish from the face of the Universe.

I walk on the street and I see cafés. This is what I ALWAYS observe concerning cafés: If a woman is young and/or beautiful, she will be a waitress. If she is old and/or ugly, she will be a cleaning lady. ALWAYS. Let me make a mental experiment: Suppose I go to a café owner and confront her about this discrimination. Do you know what she will say? Well, let me guess. She will probably say that if she did otherwise, hiring the beautiful as cleaning persons and the ugly as waitresses, customers would not prefer going to this café. She would lose customers and end up going out of business.

And I am the racist.

Our creator programmed us to seek our sexual partner, our spouse, our companion, our friends, based on discrimination. As far as our spouse is concerned, we are programmed to pick and choose. If not for that, the human race would degenerate, instead of evolve. We choose good looking sexual partners to produce healthy children. This is our genetic predisposition. This is how humanity is programmed. Actually, this is how all species are programmed. And this is how nature works. Survival of the fittest and all that. Totally immoral.

Change is the only constant, as a wise man once said. And I take it from there: Those who adapt, survive. Those who do not, perish.

And I am the racist.

Anyone who ever had a friend, a spouse, a sexual partner is a racist. If you are married or have fallen in love, you are being racist. Only monks cannot be considered to be racist. All others pick and choose, discriminating people based on their looks, height, age, wealth and so on, in order to mate with them.

And I am the racist.

Or not. The point of this blog post is to prove that all of us are racists. Except monks. And monks are the only humans I respect.


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