What is Glitch.com?

Glitch.com is a website that features an online code editor with which you can create, host and deploy Node.js applications and static websites.

You write the code online and that’s it! The deployment is instantaneous!

And yes, you can also use Express (the famous Node.js web application framework).

In the free tier, your code is public, so you can use this tier for open source projects and as a learning tool.

With Glitch.com, you do not have to install Node.js on your computer to serve a Node.js application. You only need your web browser to go to Glitch.com, write code and view the results.

Glitch.com‘s landing page has a lot of great ideas and examples for Node.js applications you can create and host on Glitch.com.

Glitch.com pricing is at the following link: https://glitch.com/forplatforms/.

A great article that uses Glitch.com to host and run the article’s featured code is the following: How to set up a database if you’re a front-end developer.

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