About computer languages, IDEs, and human rights

I do not find tasteful or nice to have to use needy IDEs like Visual Studio. I like to use Notepad for programming.

Visual Studio is very demanding when it comes to resources like CPU, Memory, Hard Disk, Operating System version. You need to have the best and latest hardware and Windows version. I cannot keep up. I can never keep up. And even if I could, I feel that using such an IDE deprives me of functioning as a programmer. Whereas Notepad is the exact opposite.

I know it may sound crazy, but here is how I see it:

When AIDS first reared its ugly head, the news started advising everyone to use a condom during sex. All over the news and anyone you would talk to, would advise you to use a condom during sex. Of course, this is excellent advice that saves lifes.

At one point, CNN showed a discussion about this very matter. An expert was advising a group of men to use condoms during sex. At one point, one of the men said the following:

“We feel we are not functioning as men, if there is something in between.”

This is why I love CNN. They are the only ones that always show both sides of an argument. No one else had ever or ever again raised an argument against protection during sex.

Although I would urge everyone to use protection during sex, I will paraphrase the words of that man. And I will say:

I feel I am not functioning as a programmer if there is something (like an IDE) in between.

I want to have control over the code I write.

To me, my idea of programming is using Notepad.

To me, my idea of programming is to take a binary editor and construct the executable byte by byte.

Actually, I want to make choosing the programming language and the IDE one uses a human right.

Of course, a company would be correct to insist that all employees use a particular programming language and IDE or a particular set of them. But an individual should always have to right to resign because she feels she would like to use another programming language or IDE.

Again, the choice of programming language and way of programming should be a human right.

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