About me

I am a systems engineer
specializing in Microsoft
products and technologies.

My interests include ethics,
the cloud, security, auditing, compliance,
high availability, virtualization,
large-scale Active Directory implementations,
Windows internals, reverse engineering,
hacking methods, discrete mathematics, logic,
quantum theory and elementary particle physics.

I support the use of paid software
and I am against software piracy.

I support social equality, ethics,
education, science and technology
and I respect all living beings.
I am against prisons, debates,
politics, voting, religion,
injustice, schools and grades.

I support self improvement
and cooperation with others
and I am against competition.

I do not smoke,
I do not drink alcohol,
I do not drink coffee,
I do not gamble,
I do not vote
and I do not go out except to work.

I love country music, card tricks,
lateral thinking puzzles, sitcoms
and movies with a twist ending.

Last but not least, I love
regaining lost knowledge
from ancient civilizations.

Personal data

First name: Dimitrios
Last name: Kalemis
Father’s name: Theodoros
Mother’s name: Aikaterini
Sister’s name: Eirini
Date of birth: October 22, 1968
Location: Athens, Greece
Sign: Libra
Ascendant sign: Libra
Email: dkalemis at hotmail.com
Blog: https://dkalemis.wordpress.com
Gravatar: https://gravatar.com/dkalemis
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dkalemis
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/dkalemis
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Windows IT Pro (as contributor): https://windowsitpro.com/author/dimitrios-kalemis
Windows IT Pro (as reader): https://windowsitpro.com/users/dkalemis
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Disqus: https://disqus.com/by/dimitrioskalemis
Medium (from my Twitter account): https://medium.com/@dkalemis
Medium (from my Google account): https://medium.com/@kalemis

My life

I was born and raised in a very loving family.
My father and my mother were very affectionate.
My father loved my mother, me and my sister so much.

They say that only mothers are affectionate,
but they say that because they never met my father.
He was such a loving human being.
The love and affection he had for his family
was unbelievable and had absolutely no end.
It was bigger than the universe.

I have such lovely memories from my childhood,
which come in direct contrast from the experiences
I gained in the playground, school,
army (every Greek male has to go to the army),
work, living in society in general.

The only thing that was a positive experience
in my life besides my family
was the education I got in Cranfield,
when I did my MSc there
and working for companies that understand
what a systems engineer’s job is all about.

Since both my parents worked in two jobs each,
in order to make ends meet,
I was practically raised by my grandmother, Eirini,
who was literally a saint person.
There never existed a better person in the world,
nor will a better person ever exist.
And she would always praise me
for having a strong feeling of compassion for others.
So, this is what I actually am:
A person with a strong feeling of compassion.

Contact me

Feel free to contact me.
My email address is dkalemis at hotmail.com.