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Books I have written

IT guy and CIO talk about the cloud


This book contains all 50 comic stories published by me in this blog in the “IT guy and CIO” category. Each comic story is comprised of 3 images. The comic stories were originally published from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.

Beginner’s guide to solving the 2X2 cube


This book will show you how to solve the 2X2 cube in a way that will require you to remember and perform only two algorithms.

The Fundamental Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming

To buy a print copy (instead of the e-book) follow this link


Where does structured programming end and object-oriented programming (OOP) begin? What are OOP’s fundamental concepts and what is the reason behind them? This book will answer these questions and will also give you an insightful perspective into OOP, based on its fundamental concepts. It is likely that you will have many “a-ha moments” reading this book and, at the end, you may even reach a feeling of “enlightenment”.

You can download the programs in this book from this link.

An Original Look At Ordinary Life

To buy a print copy (instead of the e-book) follow this link


This is a contemporary and sensible approach to everyday life issues, from society and work to education and entertainment, that somehow differs from more established and widely held opinions for the same matters.