And justice for all

My late father went to court on several occasions, either as a witness or as the accused. I will tell you about these court battles in other blog posts, but they were mostly unimportant.

What I want to point out in this blog post is quite important. When my late father came back from the court one day, he told me that he went to the court quite early that day. The “court” here in Athens,. Greece is in a large space where a lot of court buildings are located. Being there early, he killed his time by strolling around the court buildings. What he noticed, saddened him.

And when he came home, he told me about it. He told me that all the counters in the court rooms were set up to point to 666.

As I understand it, each court building has a lot of court rooms, and each court room has an electronic counter that denotes the number of the case being in session at the time. One would expect that when the court is not in operation, each counter may display 000, or an arbitrary number, or the number of the last case that was handled, or nothing.

But in the court rooms in Athens, Greece, the number all counters displayed when not in operation was 666.

What does that mean? Well, it means that Masons control the court system and the judicial system. It means that Masons favor other Masons when it comes to court rulings.

Why do Masons pick the number 666 as one of their symbols? Well, they do it for many reasons, and I will not claim that I know all of them. But 666 is a number that has a lot of “powers”. One of its “powers” is that it is made from the number 6 repeated three times. And from ancient times comes the notion that when you repeat something three times, you augment its power.

So, what are the “powers” of the number 6? Well, first and most of all, 6 is the first perfect number. A perfect number is a number that is equal to the sum of its divisors. Indeed, 6’s divisors are 1, 2, and 3. And 1+2+3 = 6.

Another thing about 6 is its shape. It resembles a swirl and a spiral. A spiral corresponds to an enormous body of mathematical knowledge and “power” that to analyze would need a very lengthy blog post. I believe that the Masons would agree with me if I said that the mathematical analysis of the spiral would resemble the mathematical analysis of the Divine.

There is another thing about the spiral shape that I think Masons adore.  A spiral depicts what I call “intelligent augmentation”. Let me explain. Take a snake. Put it on the floor. Observe it. It is just something that is long. And what will happen to it when it needs to grow? It will grow mostly in the direction that already defines it. So, it will grow by becoming longer. Well, this method of augmentation, this method of progress, may be a little bit “naive”. The snake keeps getting bigger and bigger by becoming longer and longer, and this may be considered as “obvious”, “easy”, “naive”, “messy”.

Now take a snail. Put it on the floor. Observe it. It has a spiral shape. Way more advanced than a straight line, which is the shape of the snake. And what will happen to it when it needs to grow? The spiral will grow, but it will do so in a way that the augmentation will not consume space awkwardly. Whereas the snake growth is a an embarrassment, the snail growth constitutes a clever progress, that respects resources, the resources, here, being space. Snail growth, snail augmentation happens with divine economy.

Now, Masons study these and other things and use them as symbols and guidance. They also try to sneak them wherever they can. One thing that I do not like about Masons is that they are always secretive and sneaky. But I also understand that they had to be like that in order to survive.

You see, when Christianity took over the world, a huge body of knowledge and beliefs were deemed opposite to Christianity’s teachings. Masons tried to preserve that knowledge by hiding it in their sects. Masons convened secretively and each passed the forbidden knowledge to the other Masons. They also held secrets on architectural methods that allowed them to obtain lucrative jobs in the building industry, constructing the most difficult structures like cathedrals and bridges.

Masons were able to thrive because of their secrecy. Because other people did not know the Masons’ true beliefs, they did not turn against them. It is not that the Masons beliefs were incorrect. But their beliefs were and remain politically and religiously incorrect , according to the beliefs of the majority of the people in the society.

By hiding their true identity, beliefs and ideology,  and also their tricks of the trade when it came to architecture and scientific knowledge, Masons were not only able to function as accepted members of each community, but they also became very rich.

The problem is that their secrecy and their wealth were always benefiting only them as opposed to the society as a whole. What started as a genuine community that was trying to survive the menace of early Christianity, later became a cancer that is found inside every modern society.

Nowadays, Masons are a closed, powerful community that stops at nothing in order to protect their interests. And the judicial system is their playground. Masons are everywhere and they win trials just because of their influence and connections. Masons have made justice disappear from the courtrooms.

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Two kinds of people

There are two kinds of people:
People who care about others and people who care about themselves.
People who care about others are those that should become politicians.
People who care about themselves are those that do become politicians.

There are two kinds of people:
People who care about their obligations and people who care about their rights.
People who care about their obligations are those that should become entrepreneurs.
People who care about their rights are those that do become entrepreneurs.

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Bare-metal backup software

In a previous post, I talked about “Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE” and how it does not support bare-metal backup.

Well, here are two programs that do support bare-metal backup:

Please try then and see which one is most helpful to you.

Being able to perform a bare-metal backup is important, because a bare-metal backup does not need to alter the system before, during, or after the backup process. This means that a bare-metal backup alleviates the need of having to install the backup software to the  system. Thus, a bare-metal backup is needed in cases where the system must not or cannot be altered, or must be or might be needed to be returned to its original/initial state before the backup.

In order yo perform a bare-metal backup, you will have to boot the system from a CD/DVD drive or USB drive. Your particular bare-metal backup software will guide you on how to create a bootable CD, DVD, or USB stick, which also contains the backup/restore software.

By now, it must be obvious that if a program provides backup/restore functionality, but it needs to be installed to the system that will be backed up, then this program does not provide bare-metal backup.

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Feature request for Hyper-V having to do with the conversion of VHDs to containers

What we need is a utility that converts a Hyper-V VM’s virtual hard disk to a container.

Such a utility already exists for VMware VM’s virtual hard disks.

Hey, Microsoft, are you going to take the insult and let this pass?

Update (May 13, 2017): So, there does exist a way to convert Hyper-V virtual disks into Docker containers: Image2Docker. I stand corrected. Please refer to Working with Windows Containers and Docker: Into your Stride

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Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE

Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE is a free utility from Veeam, but I did not need to write this, since it it obvious!

It backs up Windows-based desktops and laptops. It does not provide bare-metal backup, (meaning that, first, you have to install it in Windows,) but it provides, among other options, bare-metal restore.

Of course, one might say, that its weakness (of not providing bare-metal backup) is also its strength, and I would tend to agree. By being installed in Windows, it is able to provide fast incremental backups with the use of VSS (Volume Shadow-Copy Services), scheduling, and other great functionality. But it would really be of most benefit, if it also included a bare-metal backup option, as well.

For more information, please visit

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I got 5 on it

I got 5 on it.
Do we still talk about weed?

I got 5 on it.
Doesn’t look this way to me.

I got 5 on it.
I think we are way past that.

I got 5 on it.
Those niggers are all high on crack.

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The Grandfather Paradox with a Markov Chain

The YouTube video “Solution to the Grandfather Paradox” does a great job discussing the Grandfather Paradox.

Interestingly, at a point, the narrator states: “And a similar paradox-free solution can be obtained by viewing the problem as a steady-state solution to a Markov chain. But I won’t go to that here.” while displaying the following video frame:


In this blog post, I am going to explain the above statement and video frame. Actually, you can understand everything by reading about State Diagrams and Markov Chains, or by reading my analysis below.

What the video frame depicts is:
On the left: a state diagram with 4 states (a.k.a. a Markov chain with 4 states), using a directed graph to picture the state transitions and their corresponding probabilities.
On the right: The transition matrix P that corresponds to the state diagram.


We have 4 states: A, B, C, and D. I named the states so that the name (letter) order will produce the matrix on the left exactly as depicted.

State A: Grandfather is alive.
State B: Grandfather is dead.
Stare C: You are not born.
State D: You are born.

The transition probabilities from each state to the others are shown with arrows and numbers. Let p denote probability and p(X->Y) denote the probability to transition from State X to State Y. Then the transition probabilities are as follows:

From state A, you can only go to State D.
(If your grandfather is alive, then you are born.)
Thus, p(A->A)=0, p(A->B)=0, p(A->C)=0, p(A->D)=1.

From State B, you can only go to State C.
(If your grandfather is dead, then you are not born.)
Thus, p(B->A)=0, p(B->B)=0, p(B->C)=1, p(B->D)=0.

From State C, you can only go to State A.
(If you are not born, then your grandfather is alive.)
Thus, p(C->A)=1, p(C->B)=0, p(C->C)=0, p(C->D)=0.

From State D, you can only go to State B.
(If you are born, then your grandfather is dead.)
Thus, p(D->A)=0, P(D->B)=1, p(D->C)=0, p(D->D)=0.

Matrix P has the following layout:
Each row corresponds to the initial state in a transition.
Each column corresponds to the final state in a transition.

Thus matrix P is comprised of 4×4=16 cells, each denoting a transition probability:


The above table (matrix) has to fulfill the following statement: For each row (independently of the others) the sum of the probabilities of all the cells of the row equals 1 (where 1 is 100%). This is easy to understand: From each State, you have certain probabilities to transition to other states, or to remain at the current State. All these probabilities should add up to 1 (where 1 is 100%).

Matrix P is equal to:

p(A->A)    p(A->B)    p(A->C)   p(A->D)
p(B->A)    p(B->B)    p(B->C)   p(B->D)
p(C->A)    p(C->B)    p(C->C)   p(C->D)
p(D->A)    p(D->B)   p(D->C)   p(D->D)

Thus, matrix P is equal to:

0  0  0  1
0  0  1  0
1  0  0  0
0  1  0  0

What all this means is that the transitions are as follows:

A->D->B->C->A and so on.

Which is equivalent to saying:

If your grandfather is alive, then you are born.
If you are born, then your grandfather is dead.
If your grandfather is dead, then you are not born.
If you are not born, then your grandfather is alive.
And so on.

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