“Physics is trying to reverse engineer the universe.”

“Computers help us deal with the complexity
they have introduced into our lives.”

“Keep your e-mail address short
and your password long.”

“To become an IT professional,
you need to learn
English and binary arithmetic
and then assembly, networking and TCP/IP.”

“If you want to do something
and between Word and Excel you choose Word,
the chances that you made the wrong choice
are about 95%.”

“To comprehensibly troubleshoot something,
you first have to be able to build it.”

“To think, not in terms of your tools,
but in terms of what your customers want,
is the ultimate Inversion of Control.”

“Dependency Injection Containers are the patch panels
of software engineers.
So, Dependency Injection could have been named
‘Dependency Patching’.”

“I find it odd that developers blame
the von Neumann architecture
when hacking attemps succeed
because of their bad coding practices.”

“I am hereby creating the first and only business law:
For every success story that you hear,
there are numerous failure stories that you do not.”

“If it will not last forever,
then it is not love.”

“There are no ‘ifs’ in love.”

“Love is like breathing.
You cannot elect to fall in love.
It cannot be a conscious decision.”

“I always thought the quote
‘It is not enough to win.
All others must lose, too’
to be precise and thoughtful.
So I have extrapolated it to love:
‘It is not enough to love someone.
You must not love others, too.'”

“Anxiety is the illness caused to someone
when others do not do their job right.”

“The difference between driving
and driving in Athens, Greece
is like the difference between walking
and walking on a tight rope.”

“Instead of trying to evaluate students,
try to teach them.
You will be more useful this way.”

“It is more important to teach students the things
they are not aware that they do not know,
than to teach them the things
they are aware that they do not know.
In the former case, you help them
not only to avoid costly mistakes,
but to also broaden their horizons.”

“Logic is the most disturbing and irrational
subject I have ever studied.”

“Kurt Goedel, Alonzo Church and Alan Turing are my only friends.
I do not want to have any other friends.
These three suffice.”

“Kurt Goedel was the greatest logician that ever lived.
Lewis Carroll was a close second.
Aristotle? He was a distant third, if at all.”

“The creators and writers of ‘South Park’
are the greatest sociologists the world has ever known.
Plato is pretty insignificant compared to them.”

“Greece is a nation of subhumans.”

“Greek people are unethical and unreasonable.”

“The behavior of Greek people is like
the behavior of other countries’ criminals.”

“A country that excommunicated Kazantzakis
and murdered Belogiannis should not be on the map.”

“I do not like to have conversations with people.
I understand everyone but no one understands me.”

“The story of Jesus Christ
depicts what will happen to you,
if you are an ideologist.”

“They say that Jesus Christ was the first communist.
I disagree. I think that He was the first anarchist.
He challenged the authorities of His time
and He also did not suggest an alternative system
based on politics.”

“I view anarchy as the only political system
that can guarantee the elimination of disorder.”

“According to anarchism, all kinds of authority are harmful.
Although this is a real life fact, I was not aware of anyone
theoretically establishing why this is true.
That was until I figured it out:
All kinds of authority are harmful,
because they inhibit the entelechy of each and every living being.”

“I am an anarchist, because I am good person.
If you are not an anarchist, then you are not a good person.”

“Politics should be about what is ethical and what is not.
It should not be about what is applicable or convenient.”

“My enemy is my fellow man.”

“You should not approach hierarchy
the same way for nations
as for companies or file systems.
In the former case,
hierarchy may be harmful.
In the latter cases,
hierarchy is essential.”

“If something is not going to be perfect,
we should not try to implement it.”

“If a problem stems from human attitude,
it cannot be solved,
because if it could be solved,
it would not exist by now.”

“In my life I was confronted with
and still face two problems:
how to show those that know less than me
that they know less than me
and how to show those that do not know less than me
that they do not know less than me.”

“The most disgusting thing is when
ability, knowledge or talent
are not combined with ethics.”

“We live in an ‘upside-down’ society:
Bad people are powerful, good people are powerless.”

“There is a huge difference between democracy
and the dictatorship of majority,
which is what today’s political systems are all about:
groups of people forcing their opinions
upon other groups of people.”

“If I am not considered capable enough to create the laws,
then I should not be considered capable enough to vote.”

“If you want examples
of what an enemy of a nation is
think of politicians,
not anarchists or atheists.”

“If (and that is a big if)
the death penalty should be introduced,
it should be effective
for one person and one person only:
the Prime Minister.”

“The streets belong to ambulances, not to protestors.”

“Strikes are unethical.
Instead, the honest thing to do is
to submit your resignation.”

“Strikes, protests and riots are fascistic actions.”

“You must never fight for your rights.
You must always fight for the rights
of those less fortunate than you.”

“If you have something to offer, then offer it.
If you do not, then that is all right.
But do not ask for things.
Because, usually, those that ask for things
either do not deserve them,
or have no right asking for them priority-wise.
Usually, the voices of those that are in real need
are too weak to be heard”.

“An employee should have only one right,
that of resignation.
And this right should be
unequivocal and indefeasible.”

“The stupidest thing I’ve heard is that
‘you can only change the system from the inside’.
In fact, quite the opposite is true.
Trying to change the system from the inside
is like trying to lift yourself from your own bootstraps.”

“From the inside, you do not ‘change’ the system.
You ‘contribute’ to it.”

“I oppose Masons
not so much because of their secret conspiring gatherings
but because they conspire for their own well being
and not for the well being
of those less fortunate than they.”

“The anarchy symbol is a five pointed star disguised,
which denotes that Masons may have created
or infiltrated the anarchy movement
in order to control it for their own benefit.
Therefore, it serves no purpose whatsoever
to belong to any anarchy groups.
The same goes for many political parties,
environmental groups, etc.”

“It is not noble to be with the winning side,
and the reason is that
the world could not have just become a better place
all of the sudden.”

“Every person should have
the same economical and social status,
because every person
has the same right to life.”

“Are you fed up with thrillers?
Do horror movies leave you uninterested?
Do you want to see some real monsters?
Well, then, take a look at judges and social workers.
There you go!”

“My favorite book is ‘Robin Hood’.
And yes, this is a political statement.”

“Since Kafka’s ‘The Metamorphosis’, Samarakis’ ‘The Flaw’
and the movie ’12 Angry Men’ did not change our society,
nothing ever will.”

“As far as the judicial system is concerned,
I have to say one thing only,
which is what Jesus Christ said:
‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone’.”

“As far as the penal system is concerned,
I have to say one thing only:
You cannot deprive people of their freedom,
as you cannot deprive them of food or water.
It is inhumane. It is barbaric. It is despicable.”

“Justice must never be blind.
It must be most harsh on the powerful
and most lenient on the week.
Also, justice has nothing to do with punishment.
We should always be just,
but we must never punish.”

“Scientists playing God? I do not think so.
It is judges and jurors that ultimately do so.”

“Judges are mankind’s worst criminals.”

“Just who gave judges the right to play God?”

“Since society is so bad,
to be in prison is an honor.”

“Prisons are how society unwittingly
exposes itself for what it really is.”

“You have no moral right to expect
that those less fortunate than you
will uphold your moral standards.”

“Let’s save not only seals,
but also fishes, lambs and cows.
Let’s save not only trees,
but also flowers.”

“Dr. Kevorkian is the greatest humanitarian
the world has even known.”

“We send children to school to be educated, not graded.”

“Teachers and professors should not have children of their own.”

“To adapt is life-saving, but it is also unethical.”

“It is bad to fit in a bad environment.”

“I have seen that belief in God and the hiding of knowledge
usually go hand in hand.”

“If God exists, I would like to have a few words
with her (see, I am being politically correct here)
concerning children born with defects and Siamese twins.”

“If God exists, then she is certainly an unethical entity.”

“To believe in God is either unethical or naive; pick one.”

“To say that God exists is an insult to those that are suffering.”

“To create something and then let it evolve
without caring supervision is unethical.”

“If there is ever a living being that felt sad,
the Universe must be destroyed.”

“No one has the right to be happy,
unless all the people in the world are happy.
Actually, please write that on my tombstone.”

“To realize that the human body
is not the result of intelligent design,
all you have to do is visit a hospital.”

“I completely disagree with Ayn Rand
about her rejecting the ethic of altruism.
You must never do what is best for you.
You must never look after your best interest.
You exist to serve others and not yourself.
You have a moral obligation
only to others and not to yourself.
Your existence, especially in times of trouble,
is judged by the value others get from you.”

“My main belief in life is that
we are totally dependent and victims of our surroundings.
Motivational speakers want to convince you otherwise.”

“My main sociological belief is that
the whole should sacrifice themselves for the individual
and not the other way round.”

“My motivational force is hatred.
Hatred for the absence of truth,
hatred for injustice,
hatred for the bad things
that happen to good people.”

“In Plato’s cave,
there are people that understand
that some things are not right.
We have a place for these people.
We call it ‘prison’.”

“All prisoners are political prisoners,
because they were imprisoned for acting on their beliefs.”

“Bill Gates said: ‘Change the world, or go home’.
If he had instead said: ‘Change the world,
or go home and we will support you’,
he would have been someone I would admire.
Actually, since he did not say that,
he did not change the world all that much.
Hmmmm …”

“My little Dimitrios,
an employee’s bread will always taste bitter.”
Aikaterini Kalemis, my late mother.

“My little Dimitrios, a rich person only dies once.
A poor person dies every day during his lifetime.”
Aikaterini Kalemis, my late mother.

“The way things have turned out
with Jews degenerating and controlling everything,
it is a devastating fact that
Neonazis, those human-looking monsters,
are mankind’s only hope.”
Theodoros Kalemis, my late father.

“For 2,000 years scholars held that
heavier objects fall faster than lighter ones,
partly because Aristotle couldn’t be bothered
to take 2 minutes to experiment.”
Gustavo Duarte.

“I am an outspoken atheist, as every scientist should be.”