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I am a systems engineer specializing in Microsoft products and technologies. I am also an author. Please visit my blog to see the blog posts I have written, the books I have written and the applications I have created. I definitely recommend my blog posts under the category "Management", all my books and all my applications. I believe that you will find them interesting and useful. I am in the process of writing more blog posts and books, so please visit my blog from time to time to see what I come up with next. I am also active on other sites; links to those you can find in the "About me" page of my blog.

The importance of “A living programmable biocomputing device based on RNA”

Please visit A living programmable biocomputing device based on RNA Quoting: “…have developed a living programmable “ribocomputing” device… …based on networks of precisely designed, self-assembling synthetic RNAs (ribonucleic acid). The RNAs can sense multiple biosignals and make logical decisions to control … Continue reading

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The most important facts about code reuse

Code reuse can happen in two levels, one simple and one advanced. At the simple level, you create a function and you use that function instead of copying and pasting. At the advanced level, in OOP you use inheritance, whereas … Continue reading

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And justice for all

My late father went to court on several occasions, either as a witness or as the accused. I will tell you about these court battles in other blog posts, but they were mostly unimportant. What I want to point out … Continue reading

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Two kinds of people

There are two kinds of people: People who care about others and people who care about themselves. People who care about others are those that should become politicians. People who care about themselves are those that do become politicians. There … Continue reading

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Bare-metal backup software

In a previous post, I talked about “Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE” and how it does not support bare-metal backup. Well, here are two programs that do support bare-metal backup: Clonezilla AOMEI Backupper Please try then and see which one is … Continue reading

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Feature request for Hyper-V having to do with the conversion of VHDs to containers

What we need is a utility that converts a Hyper-V VM’s virtual hard disk to a container. Such a utility already exists for VMware VM’s virtual hard disks. Hey, Microsoft, are you going to take the insult and let this … Continue reading

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Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE

Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE is a free utility from Veeam, but I did not need to write this, since it it obvious! It backs up Windows-based desktops and laptops. It does not provide bare-metal backup, (meaning that, first, you have … Continue reading

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